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MARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR DECEMBER 28, 2012: The stock market has set itself up for a relief rally beginning in the next day or so. Oversold readings in both the Nasdaq and NYSE breadth indicators make this a low-risk buying opportunity. This rally should coincide with good news from the resolution of the “fiscal cliff.” Be ready for a sharp but short rally that may take the Indices to new highs. Lower your risk by being diversified in broad-based Exchange-Traded Funds. My favorite trading vehicle for this rally is the QQQ Exchange-Traded Fund. Since Monday December 31st is a short trading day, be sure to take your positions early in the day so you don’t miss out!

Key market indicators show the following:

For now, my advice is to take a small to moderate position in the stock market based on breadth indicator buy signals in the NYSE and Nasdaq. The quiet trading day of Monday December 31st is time to take your positions for a sharp and short rally at the beginning of the year. Be sure to keep your risk down by being fully diversified and non-leveraged in case the downtrend continues for a few more days.


As for Apple (AAPL), the chart looks like a possible move to under 430 which doesn’t seem possible at this moment. But we have to take a step back and remember that the stock was in the 300s just last year. For now, it seems to be finding support at 500. I would expect a brief move into the 400s in order to generate some weak panic selling. But given its action the past week, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up to the 565 area on the next rally. The stock flashed a brief buy signal last Friday in its Money Flow Indicator and you can buy it today at an even lower price than last week.


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APPLE TRADING & INVESTING STRATEGIES: The most popular stock on the Exchange is the subject of controversy everyday in the financial media. But almost all of the positive news about the company itself is of little benefit to the performance of the stock. But on Friday December 21, the stock of Apple may have found a significant short-term bottom.

Most investors in the stock of Apple (AAPL) will look for fundamental reasons to justify their position in the stock. But with so many shares purchased at much higher prices, the stock of Apple sits in a place where both fear and greed could cause a big price move in either direction. A smart investor must look under the surface for clues as to when it is time to move. That time could be this Monday, December 24.

On the shorter term, the Money Flow Indicator has a reading of 19 and needs to close below 20 in order to generate a buy signal. This one indicator allowed me to take a position in Apple on the exact day of bottom on three different occasions in the past year. So be ready to make a small side-bet on Apple based on this one indicator as it is saying that it is time to move right now.

(Note: Don’t bet too much because there is also room for more downside in the stock, the general market is only neutral, and the threat of one more “fiscal cliff” disappointment still hangs over the market. If you choose to speculate on this, only make this a simple $5 bet in a $120 bankroll.)


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MARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR DECEMBER 22, 2012: The stock market appears to be setting up for an obvious top to coincide with an agreement to the “fiscal cliff” matter. Friday’s retreat was merely a pause before this last rally attempt. I would expect that rally to begin just after Christmas. But otherwise, the market is closer to an intermediate top than a bottom and should have most investors out of the market. Note: Beware of one more downside scare from the “fiscal cliff” matter. It could come during the middle of next week and could be very sharp and costly to overextended traders!!! So be careful.

Key market indicators show the following:

For now, the best advice is to remain on the sidelines getting ready for a possible intermediate top in January. For nimble traders, there is a small bottom possibility on Monday morning if the market should go into a quiet retreat. If you should be tempted to play this short rally, be ready to sell whenever a resolution gets passed for the “fiscal cliff.” On the other hand, be on the lookout for one more sharp scare from a disappointment regarding the “fiscal cliff.” That could happen right before New Years Eve!



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MARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR DECEMBER 13, 2012: The stock market appears to be headed towards a bottom sometime after Christmas. With the “fiscal cliff” behind itself after a likely scare, I’d expect the month of January to be a good one to the upside. I wouldn’t get too clever with the advance and avoid “stock picking.” Go with broad-based ETFs for a smoother ride to a top in late January or early February. My choices are DIA, SSO, TLT, and QQQ.

Key market indicators show the following:

For now, the best advice is to remain on the sidelines getting ready for a buying opportunity after a good scare from the “fiscal cliff” news. That should occur sometime during the last week of December. I’m also watching Apple (APPL) closely for a possible Money Flow Indicator buy signal which could be good for a quick 100 point upside ride. (The stock should be in the 400s at that time!) The Money Flow Indicator for Apple has picked the last 3 bottoms within a day when its reading is below 20. Right now, the indicator reading is 30.78.