Why I Wrote “Wall Street Craps”

October 28th, 2015

On a Saturday evening in March 2009, I was watching people playing a game of craps at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort and Casino. I happened to be at that particular location attending a business networking conference designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs, inventors, and private equity investors.

While observing the sloppy play of some of the gamblers, I remarked to another conference attendee watching the dice action, “These guys don’t know how to play. It’s just like the stock market. People don’t know how to play and then wonder why they end up losing.”

That was a defining moment. It’s when I first started making the mental connection between playing the stock market and playing casino craps. For most people, this might have been just a casual passing thought. But for me, it was the opportunity that I had been waiting to see for nearly 40 years.


I majored in business administration/finance at San Diego State University. However, the only things that interested me at the time were making money and investing. My first finance professor caught my immediate attention when he opened his syllabus to a chapter on valuing a company’s stock and said something like this: “Let me save you all a ton of time. If you want to value a stock of a company, turn to the business section of your newspaper, and find the listing for the stock you’re trying to value. The price you see quoted for the stock is the value of the stock. The value of a security is simply the price that investors are willing to pay it right now!”

This was the first time a university professor got real with me. In my four short years of college, I had gotten sick and tired of being taught economic theories, accounting principles, quantitative analysis, and organizational management practices. At the tender age of 22 (I had started college early at age 18), I was a bit of a rebel, and I didn’t see myself as someone who would move up the corporate ladder for the next 40 to 50 years. I just wanted to make a ton of money fast so I could retire early (like in two or three years!). My dream was to travel the world looking for the best surfing spots. After a few years of college, I had begun to believe that my ticket to paradise was going to be through bold, intelligent investing …with my Dad’s money, of course!

Now naturally, my naive idea of retiring early to surf around the world was an adolescent pipedream. Yet the desire to make lots of money quickly is something many people can strongly identify with in today’s challenging economic environment. This is a book that will help you make consistent money in a shorter time period by playing the stock market with greater precision, less risk, and more peace of mind. It’s designed for the independent, do-it-yourself investor who is ready and searching for a new opportunity to greatly improve their own approach to making money in the stock market.


In my book, you’ll learn a simple, yet sophisticated approach to playing the stock market. This approach uses an innovative “crap game” metaphor to help investors quickly grasp the nuances of this challenging investment arena. Along the way, you will develop a deeper understanding of how to integrate both tactical short-term trading (i.e., how to do things) and strategic long-term investing (i.e., achieving key objectives) to help you advance more rapidly towards financial freedom.

In recent years, many people have become more suspicious of traditional methods for stock market investing which don’t seem to work anymore. Whether the approach is value investing, buy and hold strategies, charting methods, wave theories, time cycles, computer-generated stock selections, or following the advice of high-profile media experts, the return for average investors has been largely disappointing over the last decade.

The time is now for a new approach to the stock market … one that is based on sound investment principles, but also incorporates both wise money management strategies and street-smart investing tactics. Other new books on investing may attempt to accomplish these same objectives. However, Wall Street Craps is uniquely designed to make the learning process quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

Most importantly, this book will help you take immediate control of your own financial destiny. It’s goal is to enable you to become a savvy investor, instead of a “sucker.” You can accomplish this by raising your awareness and gaining personal experience in the following critical areas:

  • Chapter 1: Developing an enlightened investment philosophy
  • Chapter 2: Understanding today’s stock market environment
  • Chapter 3: Managing your money wisely
  • Chapter 4: Choosing good buying candidates
  • Chapter 5: Making accurate market evaluations
  • Chapter 6: Placing more timely bets
  • Chapter 7: Staying sharp while holding positions in the market
  • Chapter 8: Selling stocks at the right time
  • Chapter 9: Making refined adjustments to your approach
  • Chapter 10: Matching your level of play to your current financial position, present level of experience, and unique individual temperament.

For novices to seasoned veterans of the stock market, I promise you that there will be something new, interesting, and valuable from taking a closer look at how you approach your stock market investing in the key areas mentioned above.


When I see people losing money in all forms of gambling (sports betting, casino games, online poker, horseracing, etc.) and in high-risk stock market investing (day-trading, options, commodity futures, short-selling, foreign currencies, leveraged exchange-traded funds), I realize that it all stems from the same reason – the participants don’t know what they are doing but think that they do. Finally there is a book that teaches traders and investors how to play the stock market game correctly in an entertaining way that utilizes prudent money management, street-smart investing tactics, and a well-balanced emotional approach.

The book that cuts through the B.S. of stock market investing is in your hands, right now. But the clear decision to become a winner, step into your greatness, and own it is entirely up to you (weaklings make poor investors). My responsibility is only to teach you what I know with the best of my ability. However, it is your responsibility to take what is described here, manage your money wisely, play the game correctly, and become a winner – both inside and out.

If you’re ready and willing to become a stock market success, then the time has come to begin our journey together. If you commit now to working with the book’s steps in the spirit of playful adventure, you’ll surely stack up the odds in your favor when it comes to investing. But more importantly, you will naturally become more of a winner at life. And for me as an author and teacher, there can be no greater reward than to see that happen.

Here’s to our magnificent journey together!


Steve Nakamoto

Huntington Beach, California

October 2011

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