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MARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR FEBRUARY 11, 2012: The stock market continues to climb the proverbial wall of worry without much of a break in the form of a correction. But that may soon change.

A key reversal from Apple at mid-week, major non-confirmations from the Dow Transports, and 2 consecutive new closing highs at clearly defined resistance levels, may mark a point of market exhaustion. If the Dow Jones Industrials should make another closing high on Tuesday without confirming strength from other key indicators, it could mark the end of this rally phase and an intermediate term top of this market. But until the stock market sets up in this manner, it is better to let the rally run out its course.

Small side bets (called $5 bets) can be made in Exchange-Traded Funds with the symbols SDS and TZA for those who dare to play the short side of the market on a weak close during the last hour of trading Tuesday. Otherwise, a stock market bottom worth buying looks to be waiting for sometime in March in all likelihood.


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INCOME-ORIENTED ETF YIELDS FOR FEBRUARY 11, 2012: The current market is still reflecting an increasing tolerance towards risk. Money that has been in money market funds yielding zero and intermediate-term (7-10 year maturities) treasury bonds & notes yielding 2.5% are searching for higher rates of return. All that remains for these conservative investors and institutions is the all-clear signal that the return sufficiently compensates for the risk in lower quality bonds, high dividend paying equities, and high yielding preferred stocks.

The following list is comprised of ETFs that are geared towards income and income plus growth. They are ranked according to their present dividend yield with average daily volume exceeding 1 million shares for maximum liquidity and the most efficient executions.


All of the funds that are mentioned above excluding XLU – Utilities Select Sector SPDR and TLT – Barclay’s 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund have enjoyed spectacular price runs since last October – November. While their yields may appear attractive, their charts indicate that a correction is overdue in these issues. Bonds and preferred stock are like any asset class and are subject to periods of overvaluation, overbought conditions, and too much optimism from the public. There will be a better time in the future to take positions in these high-yield investments.

“Some investors live or die by earnings reports. Earnings are important, but who knows if the reported earnings are accurate? A clever accountant can make earnings appear good or not so good, depending on the season or objective. There can be no subterfuge about a cash dividend. It is either paid or it is not paid. If it is paid, the shareholder knows that the company is making money. If it is not paid, no rhetoric can disguise the circumstances.”

Geraldine Weiss and Gregory Weiss ~ Authors of The Dividend Connection (1995)