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April 27th, 2022 Comments off
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The stock market has turned sharply lower since its midweek highs of last week. There have been 3 strong moves down with only a temporary reprise on Monday. Momentum seems to be suggesting that buying this drop will be akin to “catching a falling knife.” However, the internal indicators are either approaching or are within the oversold range suggesting a bounce in the near term. The timing of that bounce could be either be this coming Friday or Monday for those interested in a quick high risk trade with tight stops to the upside.

Key underlying short-term timing indicators show the following:


NYSE McClellan Summation Index: This indicator has a current reading of 39 but still needs a few more days before reaching the buying zone. But mostly, this indicator is showing that there has not been base building for any kind of sustained rally. Thus, it suggests that even a sharp bounce will be short-lived.

Fear/Greed Index: This popular indicator is in the “Fear” territory with a reading of 26 which is one point away from “Extreme Fear.” The strength of this decline suggests to me that we may finally get a sub-10 reading in this indicator when the market finally bottoms. And if it does so, then there could be a low-risk rally worth participating in. But right now, I’d expect only short-term bounces with high risk upside trades.