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January 12th, 2013 Comments off

MARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR JANUARY 13, 2013: The stock market is continuing its rally from the “fiscal cliff” resolution. The internal indicators show that this last week has risen despite weakness in breadth. With a mixed bag of conflicting signals in price, sentiment, and breadth, a wise trader should be ready to “buy the dips” and “sell the rips.” Last Friday’s close was the second consecutive “new high” in this current rally. I would not be surprised if this current phase tops out either Tuesday or Wednesday in the coming week. That would be followed by an initial correction and a short, sharp retest of the highs. That kind of action will reveal much about the staying power of this rally. There is a decent chance that this market could surprise many by having much further to go on the upside.

Key market indicators show the following:

For now, my advice is to remain on the sidelines and let the market set itself up for its next big move. A short-term top could easily occur by the middle of next week. The following dip might be one in which to take positions if the breadth indicators become oversold (very possible). Right now, the overall market is a bit too extended. This almost always leads to a correction in order for the market to get healthy again. That correction may only be a short one so be ready to get in on the action.


As for Apple (AAPL), the stock has drifted back down towards it base around 515-500. The RSI, Ultimate Indicator, and Money Flow Indicators do not show that it is a time to buy yet. For those who only follow the external price action of the stock, it is tempting to buy at the current levels. But to me, it seems like too many investors are “wishing” for the stock to move up because they are trapped at much higher purchase prices. This makes me think that the stock needs another down-leg or news scare in order to shake out the weak hands. Most current holders of the stock are now disappointed that it has not participated much in this year’s rally and the expiration of tax-selling. That disappointment translates into “nervous hands” and “scared money” which will cause those people to get emotional at precisely the wrong time. Keep this in mind and approach Apple cautiously from a contrary trading perspective.


December 22nd, 2012 Comments off

APPLE TRADING & INVESTING STRATEGIES: The most popular stock on the Exchange is the subject of controversy everyday in the financial media. But almost all of the positive news about the company itself is of little benefit to the performance of the stock. But on Friday December 21, the stock of Apple may have found a significant short-term bottom.

Most investors in the stock of Apple (AAPL) will look for fundamental reasons to justify their position in the stock. But with so many shares purchased at much higher prices, the stock of Apple sits in a place where both fear and greed could cause a big price move in either direction. A smart investor must look under the surface for clues as to when it is time to move. That time could be this Monday, December 24.

On the shorter term, the Money Flow Indicator has a reading of 19 and needs to close below 20 in order to generate a buy signal. This one indicator allowed me to take a position in Apple on the exact day of bottom on three different occasions in the past year. So be ready to make a small side-bet on Apple based on this one indicator as it is saying that it is time to move right now.

(Note: Don’t bet too much because there is also room for more downside in the stock, the general market is only neutral, and the threat of one more “fiscal cliff” disappointment still hangs over the market. If you choose to speculate on this, only make this a simple $5 bet in a $120 bankroll.)