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May 29th, 2013 Comments off

MARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR May 29, 2013: The stock market reached new highs on Monday in a possible “key reversal day.” This could end up being the “internal high” for the market. With that in mind, a smart trader or investor can expect a new closing Dow high in the next one to three weeks. If that new Dow high comes without corresponding strength in other major indexes or if the market becomes overbought on its march up to a new high, then the odds are good that the final top is in. Then you could expect the long-awaited correction to begin at that time with a minimum of one month in duration & a possible 50% retracement of the previous advance.

Key market indicators show the following:

For now, my advice is to remain on the sidelines and let the market set itself up for its next big move. The short-term indicators are near “buy” readings so any further declines should be contained.


The indicators for Apple (AAPL) read as follows:

  • Relative Strength Indicator = 54
  • Ultimate Indicator = 52
  • Money Flow Indicator = 46

This means that the stock of Apple is mid-ranged and can go in either direction. There isn’t any pressure on the stock to go in one direction verses the other. I’d personally stay away from this issue since it could just as easily go down 80 points as up.