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December 29th, 2013

craps front coverMARKET OBSERVATIONS FOR December 29, 2013: The stock market rallied to 6 consecutive new highs before its slight drop on Friday. This certainly qualifies as confirmed strength but also a possible sign of an internal top. I would expect the strength to continue for a few more days with a good chance of a correction starting at the beginning of the New Year. This market is now overbought, over-loved, and overextended as the indicators below are signaling. This isn’t a time for buying, it’s a time for selling.

Key underlying market indicators show the following:

My advice for traders and investors is to remain of the sidelines and let the market set itself up for the next major move. The current list of oversold Blue Chips stocks and Exchange-Trade Funds that are near the lower range of their Money Flow Indicator and could be bought on further weakness include: Ford, TLT & FXI. This short list is another indication that very few issues are in good buying ranges. I noticed that bellwether stock, Apple, may have made a final double top on “obvious good news” marking the end of its rally.

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