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April 15th, 2017

The “Fear/Greed Sentiment Index: What Emotion is Driving the Market Now?” reading has finally moved into the “Extreme Fear” range this past week. But it is just touching that area and I would expect a reading under 20 in order to feel like it is truly registering “Extreme Fear.”

But this indicator is now saying that it’s time to start thinking about accumulating pilot positions for the next rally. The challenge is that there hasn’t been much price erosion in the market since its March top. Hence, many positions are still well over their 200-day moving averages with plenty more room to correct.

I’d look at this indicator as simply a sign to start thinking about going long the general market and use other breadth indicators to fine-tune the timing. And many of the breadth indicator are starting to flash buy alerts as well. So a bottom is close at hand unless we rally quickly to lessen the downward pressure.


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