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September 5th, 2016

craps front coverSTOCK MARKET STRATEGY FOR SEPTEMBER 5, 2016: The stock market reached a short-term low intraday on Wednesday. Since that time, the internal oscillators have been trending up. This has been a sideways correction with the Dow remaining in a 300-point trading range for 38 straight trading days. Another new closing high in the coming week is certainly possible. But overall, the market did not become oversold enough or create enough of a sentiment shift to fuel the market towards a big move upwards.

Key underlying short-term market indicators show the following:


THE BOTTOM LINE: The internal indicators are all trending up after last Wednesday’s bottom. That gives the general market time to rally more and reach new high ground. But since the market did not become deeply oversold, I would be careful about being either long or short with any significant positions. A better risk/reward opportunity should present itself in the coming months which historically has been volatile. Keep your powder dry instead.

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