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August 16th, 2015

craps front coverSTOCK MARKET STRATEGY FOR AUGUST 16, 2015: The stock market remains in a tight trading range. With all of the internal indicators in neutral positions, the market can go in either direction. Despite the “Extreme Fear” reading of the Fear & Greed Index, it still has more room to the downside. All things considered, the market does not appear to be ready to rally right now. But a move to the downside here, could finally trigger the negative sentiment needed to make an intermediate-term bottom.

Key underlying short-term market indicators show the following:


THE BOTTOM LINE: This may be a good time to lighten up on your positions in anticipation for a panic low in the near term. With the prospects of a hike in interest rates as early as September, the level of fear has created the sentiment for a possible panic low and trading bottom. But first, we need a washout to the downside. This is something that you may want to step aside and avoid right now. My advice is to keep your powder dry and anticipate a better buying opportunity after a sharp drop.

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