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APPLE UPDATE MARCH 1, 2013 – One to Three Days Away From a Bottom?

March 1st, 2013

THE APPLE BEAR MARKET OPTIMIZED MOVING AVERAGE UPDATE MARCH 1, 2013: I have devised a new indicator for Apple which I call the “Apple Bear Market Optimized Moving Average“. It is a 50-day exponential moving average of the price of Apple. It currently has 3 points that served as the top of small rallies since early October 2012. This will help those who want to buy the stock low but want to get out before it turns down again. As of today, the moving average is at 482 and dropping rapidly.

With today’s AAPL price of 434, the spread between the Optimal Moving Average and current price is 48 points. Until the price of AAPL breaks convincingly above the Optimal Moving Average with increased volume, expect the bear market in AAPL to continue….much to the chagrin of those who purchased the stock during the height of its popularity last year.

Until the weaker hands give up on the stock, the bear market in AAPL should continue. The first clue would be a clear oversold buy signal in the “Money Flow Indicator” which has called each of the last three rally in AAPL.


Right now, the Money Flow Indicator is at 23.51 which is in my estimation about one to three days away from flashing a buy signal. With AAPL’s current level of investor apathy, it would not be surprising to see a bottom in the next few days. Manage your chips wisely by taking a small pilot position in AAPL when the Money Flow Indicator reads below 30.

Update March 2: The Money Flow Indicator hit 13.66 with Friday’s close. This is a clear buy signal and the first chance to take a position in Apple. Both the RSI and ULT Indicators are in the low 30s which are also very close to flashing buy signals on any further weakness. Now is the time to gradually wade into this undervalued, oversold, and under-loved high-quality stock!

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