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January 8th, 2012

MARKET BUY SIGNALS FOR JANUARY 8, 2012: The master strategy for winning at Wall Street Craps is to always play the game correctly by making only smart percentage bets at the optimal time period in the appropriate amounts relative to risk. Do these key tasks consistently as well as manage your overall bankroll wisely and “Know Thy Self” so that you can adjust your play according to your unique individual temperament.

  • Sentiment Signals = moderately optimistic both long and short term
  • Breadth Signals = breadth indicators are moderately overbought
  • High Yield Bond Signals = topping out and headed for a potential stock market bottom

Comment: The stock market is at the top of its trading range. This past week’s action can be described as an “overshoot rally” (enthusiastic momentum) which can be a real fooler to investors. A tradable bottom looks to be more than a few weeks away in order to get the right amount of sentiment shift. But with the overall moderately overbought sentiment and technical readings, the stock market can still go in any direction. This looks like another week to sit on the sidelines letting the market set up for its next big move to participate in.

“Winning big bets is the real key to investing success. The amateur typically dabbles in an assortment of small high risk long-shots in the effort to receive a big payout. On the other hand, the pro only makes a few big moves when there is low risk and good returns. Therefore, the secret for any savvy player is to wait for the market to set up for a major buy opportunity. That way, an investor can place an intelligent big bet on a well-diversified, deeply undervalued, dividend paying Blue Chip equity position with complete confidence.”

Steve Nakamoto ~ Author of Wall Street Craps

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