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A Wall Street Crap Definition: Stock Market Rally

November 17th, 2011

stock market rally:

1. a phase in which stock investments in general go up in price.
2. the shorter-term trend of the stock market when the major averages or indices advance.
3. a period of time when savvy investors profit from timely, well-diversified stock purchases on the long side of the market.


“Trade with the trend. ‘The trend is your friend.’ This is probably the most well-known rule of all. But as simple as it seems, it is easier to violate than you might think. “Remember, there are three trends – the short-term, the intermediate term, and the long-term. Each trend is moving all the time and may be going in the wrong direction opposing the other two…Know which trend you are involved in and its correlation with the other two.”

Victor Sperandeo ~ professional stock trader

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